Where can I find your listings?

Your can find our listings by clicking on this link

What is the criteria/what do I need to qualify to rent?

To qualify to rent with us you must meet all these criteria:
You must have a joint household income above R3500 per month (or higher depending on the complex). You must reside in the Western Cape. You must be a South African citizen or have permanent residence. Some complexes also have additional criteria or allow for renting to seniors who receive the government’s Old Age Pension Grant from SASSA. Read the specific qualifying criteria for the units available under our listings.

Communicare was established to assist the poor people. Why is the rent so high?

Communicare is a non-profit organisation which does not receive operating subsidies or grants from any party to run and maintain our housing complexes. The rent charged therefore has to cover the cost of running and maintaining the housing complex. Some rentals in certain complexes are subsidised because other market rentals are charged on other units.

What is the procedure if I would like to move to another unit?

A new online application must be submitted.

What is the deposit amount if I want to rent a unit?

The amount is two times the monthly rental and must be paid up front with your first month’s rent. A contract fee of R200 is also payable for administration purposes.

What are your banking details?

Bank: FNB
Branch: Adderley Street
Branch No: 250655
Account Name: Communicare
Account No: 50060935010
Use Ref No: 00999

Why was only part of my deposit paid back to me?

It could be that part of the deposit was used for repairs that were required to the unit, or perhaps for outstanding rent or utilities.

How long must I wait for my deposit refund?

7 working days

What is the rental for your units?

Rent is calculated according to the size of the unit, location, amenities, utilities, additional services provided in the complex and the price of other similar rentals in the area.

Can I park inside the complex?

You can only park inside a complex if you rent a parking bay or garage.

What do I do if I would like to rent a garage/parking bay?

Contact our call centre to make arrangements to apply for a garage or parking bay. Once your application has been accepted, you can discuss available parking/garage with the leasing administrator. This will be at an additional cost over and above your rental.

How long must I wait to have a problem fixed?

Once you have logged your query with the call centre, the person handling your case will call you within 48hrs to get more information and set up an appointment. They will estimate the time needed to resolve your specific query.

What is the notice period if I want to vacate?

We require one calendar month notice. This means that you need to give notice at the 1st of the month that you intend to vacate at the end of the month.  If you give notice mid-way through the month, you can only vacate at the end of the following month. Please note that your rent will still be due at the end of the month.